The Pool.
Our 12ft by 10ft Westcoast pool is equipped with 2 anti-swim jets enabling us to create a precise flow of water for your dog to swim against. The pool access is by a ramp or by a specially designed hoist. Dogs are swum in a flotation jacket or harness, and may be free swum or tethered, depending on the size of the dog and condition being treated.

The Spa. The water in the spa is warmer than the pool being kept at 38 degrees C A spell in the spa will stimulate blood flow helping to improve circulation to the muscles and joints before swimming. The bubbles produce a massaging effect which most dogs thoroughly enjoy!

The Water Treadmill. The water treadmill has many uses. It can provide an in-between stage from non-weight bearing exercise to total weight-bearing using the buoyancy of water at a particular depth to support the dog. It can also be used to increase fitness by providing resistance by wading through water. The speed can be carefully controlled to suit the particular dog being treated.